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Youth club SKWHAT

The success of the plan to promote urban lifestyle and a large number of visitors from the town of Sisak , as well as other parts of Croatia indicate the constant and continuous improvement of conducting workshops , screenings , concerts and festivals . A sincere desire to promote young artists , musical performers from across the region , persistence in carrying quality cultural programs for all age groups and tendencies towards better, placed us at the top of the Croatian urban life.

Taking care of young people led to a collaboration with the Information Center for Youth Sisak , which is the product of the project PRONI Centre for Social Education ( Office Sisak ) , which managed to provide to young people of the city of Sisak all the necessary information on every aspect of social life . Every day socializing through social and sporting games , discussions about the harmfulness and abuse of drugs and alcohol , reading rooms and free internet provided social teaching, education and fun.

Almost completed curriculum for the next few months are a mirror of our will , hard work and Your loyalty and we expect a large number of concerts , workshops, performances , meetings and parties in the future.

See you !

Who are we, what do we do and who do we collaborate with?

Coordination of Youth Associations Sisak ( Kums ) is a non-governmental , non-profit association founded in 2005. as a legal entity in the Republic of Croatia . Kums community has five ( 5 ) Associations: G.U.M.A., KIŠTRA TEAM Sisak, Kino Klub Sisak,KULT.com and LOTUS; which act in the common area of Youth Club SKWHAT. Particular attention is paid to work in youth, respecting and implementing the ideas generated through the process of learning, commitment to achieving goals and objectives of the communication with the target group of our community, through the member organizations .

Coordination of Youth Associations of Sisak coordinate and thus affect the operation of associated non-governmental organizations, with the aim of better networked operation, so we can, with the unique and group programs, meet the needs of the target groups on which our work is directed.

Coordination of youth organizations working in the area of Sisak in the Republic Croatia with different participants (youth organizations , other civil society organizations, local, regional and national authorities) that share the same or similar goals focused particular target group of users .

Developing partnerships and fostering collaboration represent the foundation of our work through which achieve these goals.

The main goal of our organization is to promote and improve the quality of life of young people and the common interests of associated members, as well as encouraging the association of all interested individuals and youth initiatives in organizations and society .

Coordination of Youth Associations Siska works with young people, civil society organizations and governing structures using an integrated development process described objectives in the areas of culture, youth work and youth policy development. Goals described by the statute, Coordination of youth organizations Sisak achieves through activities :
– Creation and implementation of joint programs, campaigns and public initiatives,
– Advocacating interests and needs of young people ,
– Partnership working with the state and local authorities,
– Training young people through seminars and workshops,
– Technical, economic and other support, and affirmation of local associations,
– Informative activity,
– Organization of public debates, forums and events,
– International cooperation and youth exchanges,
– Other activities in accordance with the Law.

What is Youth Club SKWHAT ! ?

Association Kult.com, G.U.M.A., LOTUS, Kino Klub Sisak and KIŠTRA Team consist of youth organizations whose project Sisak Youth Club ” SKWHAT ” works in Sisak for the past nine years.Thanks to the efforts of young volunteers and members of the five associations in Sisak today we have a space in which we can encourage young people to socialize, organize and participate in musical events, creative work through the preparation of various cultural events and learning through conducting educational workshops.

We are located in the vacancy of the City of Sisak, which is the size of 950 m2, of which is the maintenance of workshops and the location of the office of the Coordination of Youth Associations of Sisak is used 50.4 m2 . ” Great Hall ” in the size of 20 x 10 meters is used for events, concerts, sporting activities, in which the ” Stage ” ( stage ) of 10 x 5 meters is located.

All the young and those who feel that way can join us and participate in the creation of new friendships, new programs and contents that will complete the cultural offer to the community in which we live in.

Youth Club SKWHAT exists from June 2005., and so far two changed two addresses but is now located at Park Perivoj Viktorovac bb, Sisak.

Within the Youth Club SKWHAT, except for the five organizations, operates PRONI Centre for Social Education. PRONI is responsible for launching the idea of opening the Youth Club at the current address back in 2005/2006, when it taught volunteers and members of the Youth Club SKWHAT through non-formal education, the work in which they are now engaged in. Its involvement greatly affects the quality of KUMS’ work and the Youth Club, providing KUMS the necessary knowledge for managing the Youth Club, training volunteers and members, developing new project ideas and full organizational and technical support needed for the Youth Club. PRONI Center in the youth club SKWHAT has opened an Info Center for Youth of Sisak which greatly complements the program itself and within the facility of Youth Club SKWHAT office PRONI Centre for Social Education is located, office of Sisak .

Note :
– Refreshments are not served in Club SKWHAT
– In accordance with Article 13 Restriction of the use of tobacco products, the Youth Club SKWHAT is a STRICTLY NO SMOKING AREA.

The objectives which are going to be achieved by the action of the Youth Club SKWHAT:

• Creating a positive environment for action and strengthening the role of youth in
society through the active involvement of young people in community activities;
• Activation and involvement of young people in organizing their free
time, encouragement of developing creativity and work habits;
• Popularization of art (music, art, literature, multimedia,
theater, etc.) and its development through the organization of cultural activities;
• The popularization and development of volunteerism.
• Developing educational programs of non-formal education.


• Gathering and associating the individuals of Sisak and organizations that work with
young people in an equipped facility in order to
achieve their programs and projects through teamwork;
• An opportunity to shape the cultural life of the young community;
• Creating a healthy life enviroment.

Coordination of Youth Associations of Sisak is defined as an association by the Statute registered in the State Administration Office in the Sisak Moslavina County, Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia, which is governed by the prescribed administrative bodies:


Youth Club SKWHAT currently has over 70 active members and activists, members of parent associations in composition, that enrich every day by numerous events and try to do something useful for our community.

Also, it is very important to note that KUMS has collaborated with several organizations and institutions for young people and some of them also use the facilities of Club SKWHAT for their workshops and thus also enrich our work schedule and the Club SKWHAT.

KUMS Strateški plan rada 2014 (PDF)                     STRATEGIC PLAN 2014 (PDF)