Application for the Europe is Difference youth exchange in Sisak

‘Europe is Difference’ youth exchange will be conducted in Sisak (8.4.-15.4.2017.)








The idea of the project is to include and offer young people without obstacles and young people who have serious obstacles a common, more active approach to life and motivate them by doing so.

Our focus was on cooperation, exploration of heritage and opportunities of countries from South and from North of EU.
This project aims to offer young people with social and geographical obstacles together with their peers without obstacles an opportunity to experience European mobility and European values.

Also, the goal is to motivate them to interact and learn from their peers from other part of Europe all in order so they can later also contribute to their community.



The application form and infopack can be found on the links below.
The deadline iz 21. of march, so better be quick!




EiD – Application form

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