“OVER-CLICKED YOUTH” participants story one

I’ll stay this essay by saying that my expectations were low, with the problems I have in social aspects of life, I didn’t expect to fit in or have anywhere as good time as I did. That being said, they were above exceeded.

Croatian group came with rented cars, and already I felt more accepted just from my country’s group then I thought I would. We arrived among the first, and decided to go to beach, while we were getting ready Maltese group came, and already started socializing with me in the way I didn’t thought would happen. After most of the groups arrived, we started the project with introductions, at what time Boris (project coordinator) asked me to be the photographer for the whole event. That made me feel so much more needed and secure then I thought I would be, which made me feel confident of being myself and do the best I could since day one. Day one was amazing, after introductions and cultural night, I’ve already learned a lot about what the project was and about other cultures then I thought I wouldn’t in days. Irena and Zdenka( trainers) were absolutely “legit”. They had an understanding of our needs and understanding how to motivate us on a level I didn’t expect. Their methods were absolutely amazing, it kept us all interested and involved. As days went on, I felt more and more accepted, I was giving my all the whole time and I was learning so much. I would even dare say with everything I learned I could assist one of them in leading project from side. Meanwhile, they even went as far as taking us to Zadar for a night of clubbing, and even time there was limited, and they already did so much just by taking us there, they went out of comfort zone and let us stay until morning if I would take the responsibility for the group. Luckily, we all came home safe in the morning, with just barely 30minutes left to eat before we had to continue our training, but it was one of most amazing nights. I learned so much from Maltese and Turkish guys and their culture and we just had a blast, absolutely worth not sleeping the entire day. Towards final days, Irena left and Boris took over teaching us about how to write successful project’s and we had a chance of writing our own. Now this was something I was really interested with. I was paired with Rodd, and our subject was environment. Needless to say, we nailed it and there were even considerations from other countries that we should try to actually make it happen. At this point, I’m exploding inside, I’m motivated and full of myself, feeling better than I did in years. Boris was just as good trainer as Irena & Zdenka and he absolutely nailed it. I can say I learned a lot then ever expected.

I’ll close it out by saying how connected our group had become. There were some disagreements and arguments between few, but for myself, I can say I consider every single participant a friend after this project. In our free time, we were partying, and we bonded just like we all knew each other for years. It was an absolute blast even with some drama. I am thankful to Erasmus+ and everybody who made this possible, and especially to Boris for making a kickass project and being so tolerant and patient with us all, we know we were a bit of pain in the..

Thank you Mihael Čolić

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